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May, 25th 2007: Development environment (SVN, Mailinglist and Bugzilla) made public.

Development environment now public!

For all, who are interested in monitoring and downloading the "bleeding edge" of the development, Subversion repository, mailinglists and Bugzilla bugtracking is now online for public use.

... have a look to "development" menu in the left navigation bar.

Jan, 26th 2007: A new version of the ROM monitor:

Jan, 19th 2007: Loader Application self-installing exe (with uninstall):

Dec, 15th 2006: Utility for generating the C source for the background image for the loader application:

Dec, 11th 2006: VHDL code for sensor keypad:

A new version of the ROM monitor:

Nov, 20th 2006: new version of Loader Application:

Nov, 11th 2006: Loader Application + Simulator for Loader:

MinGW Developer Studio from Parinyasoft. Normally you would get these from, but this site was down quite often during the last months, so we provide them here:

A new version of the ROM monitor:

Oct, 9th 2006: new versions of VHDL modules and ROM monitor (SPI flash controller added):

Sep, 28th 2006: utility to crop off RAM area at the end of the .mem file:

Sep, 22nd 2006: current version of the ROM monitor:

Sep, 19th 2006: current version of the ROM monitor:

Sep, 13th 2006: some conversion utilitites:

Sep, 7th 2006:

Sep, 6th 2006:

Aug, 31st 2006:

Jul, 27th 2006:

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